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February 16, 2018 12:36
Florida High School Shooting Convict Gunman Confessed

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Yet another mass shooting by a gunman who killed 18 high school students in Florida. This deadly shooting came just before the school closure at around 2:30pm. When armed shooter, Nicholas Cruz took an Uber and came down to his former school from where he was dismissed on disciplinary charges last year. He waited for the right time to increase the casualties as at this time of the day everyone would be leaving for home.

In just around 10 minutes he gunned down 17 people and another 18th died in hospital. He left Majority Stoneman Douglas High School undetected with crowd of students at first. He was later caught and according to PD he has confessed to this heinous crime. While the victims, witnesses, and relatives of those killed are mourning this irreparable loss, the entire system of government seems to be mum on gun laws. Despite the uproar in media and among the masses, the President did not state any details on reforms of gun laws or for that matter even the gun laws did not find any mention is his statement last evening.

According to Cruz on confessing his crime to Police, “I began shooting students that i saw in the hallways and on school grounds” 19 year old Cruz carried a backpack and a duffel bag loaded with magazines and gun.  He used a semiautomatic rifle AR-15 and shot people around 5 class rooms at the school beginning from hallway. This was the floor of freshman building and eventually he left the rifle and his belongings in stairwell and joined the line of fleeing students.

he got away from the crime location and went straight to a Walmart nearby and brought a drink to a subway. He then stopped at Mc Donald’s and then he was arrested by PD down a residential street without incident at around 3:44 pm.

“He looked like a typical high school student, and for a quick moment I thought, could this be the person who I need to stop?” said Officer Michael Leonard.

Cruz faces 17 counts of pre-meditated murders.

"He's gone through a lot in a very short period of time and that does not minimize the loss of those families, but we have to put that into the proper light," Gordon Weekes, Cruz’s public defender said. "He is suffering from significant mental illness and significant trauma and he has some very difficult decisions to make shortly and we're going to assist him with those decisions."

Donald Trump stated, "the nation's governors and attorney generals where making our schools and our children safer will be our top priority."

By Minu Manisha

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